In the spring of 1945, shortly after the end of World War Two, South Africa took a visionary step that would have far-reaching benefits. The country established its national standardisation body, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), tasked with maximising the value of standards and certification to the economy and the people.

Since then, the SABS has created a seven-decade legacy of tireless commitment to quality, through its role as an independent and trusted quality assurance and conformity assessment provider. The SABS standards development, product and systems certification, testing, consignment inspection and training services facilitate access to global markets, promote best international practice, enhance the competitiveness of South African organisations, and provide protection for our nation's consumers.

However, it is a task which the SABS cannot undertake alone. Instead, it relies on partnerships with forward-thinking customers who understand and embrace quality as a vital ingredient in business success and an important differentiator for their brand.

The SABS Awards season is a celebration of these partnerships and the fruits they bear. It recognises and honours customers who have leveraged SABS products and services to gain a competitive edge and record outstanding achievements in business.