In a world characterised by instant gratification, loyalty is an increasingly rare trait. The SABS is proud of its long-standing relationships with literally hundreds of customers, many of which are blue-chip pillars of the South African economy.

The Loyalty Awards are presented in two categories. The first is for 20 Years of Loyalty. Fittingly, these awards acknowledge customers whose decision to forge a new business path coincided with the country gaining freedom and democracy. For them, 1994 is a watershed year of new hope, optimism and brighter prospects for the future.

The second category is the 50 and 60 Years of Loyalty. This category is the domain of customers whose products bear the SABS Mark. For half a century and more, these companies have enjoyed the benefits of the “SABS Approved” Mark, a time-honoured icon trusted by South African consumers to ensure that products are safe, fit for purpose and offer redress.